Cream ‘n’ Love: Wonders a wedding cake could do ^__^


The best thing about a wedding is that you can add as many new and exciting things as you want to. New themes, new games etc.

I love western weddings as well. I just realised how important the wedding cake is for them. Its a big part of their weddings. I’ve seen a lot of people cutting cakes in Indian weddings too.The cake cutting ceremony could be really exciting. It usually signifies as the first task the newly weds execute together.I think cake cutting ceremony should be held in every wedding, be it an engagement party, the main wedding day, or the reception. There are amazing bakeries in India and some amazing bakers who bake beautiful cakes.

There are different options available to choose your wedding cake.

 Fruit cakes! Always a typical and favourite choice. Fruit cakes are just right for any occasion. They can include juicy fruits like pineapples and cherries, or dry fruits like almonds and walnuts Fruit cakes are classic and appetising.

 Chocolate cakes! Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate cake is a rare but exquisite choice for weddings.

 Cake with flowers and ribbons! When you imagine a wedding cake, what do you see? A white multi-tiered cake with some delicately decorated flowers and bows (Edible of course!) They look wonderful. Can also be kept as a center piece.

 Wedding-theme cakes! Let your cake be the reflection of your wedding. Choose to decorate your cake the same way as your wedding. Can be the same colour combination, same flowers etc. Your cake can have toppers which are usually sweet little models of the bride and groom, dressed up exactly like the actual bride and groom (I know, adorable right?)

Wedding cakes can be a little pricey, depending on the bakery you opt for.

Having a wedding cake will give a lovely finish to your wedding, that’s my personal thought. 🙂


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