The Bling Ring


When a girl gets a ring on her finger, she loves showing it off as it marks the love and commitment she earned. Girls are usually very particular about their engagement rings. As they say “She might fall in love with an imperfect guy, but an imperfect ring is not an option”. Engagement rings are for a lifetime. So, you gotta pick the right one. The one which goes for every occasion and every outfit. And, girls, if you’ve an option of accompanying your partner in selecting your ring, even better!

There are plenty of gems, designs, textures and colors available. Select a dependable jeweler, someone who can give you exactly what you want.

Pick One:

Classic solitaire – Haven’t we seen them in the movies? A guy gets on his knee and takes out a ring with  one glittering diamond. It’s a safe and elegant choice. It’s also quite reasonable, but of course it again depends on the size of the diamond.

Bands – A circular band of metal, they’re simple yet graceful. The bands can be of platinum or gold.

Rings with colourful stones – Spice it up! Add colours to the ring. Let it be catchy and pretty.

Fancy gold rings – Indians love gold jewellery because they have a vibrant and royal look. So you can go for grand fancy gold rings if you love typical Indian traditions.

Let it be rare, precious, big and sparkling!

P.S – Your engagement ring says a lot about your relationship 🙂


7 thoughts on “The Bling Ring

  1. Hi blingyourwedding 🙂
    I wanted to buy a nice and unique fancy golden ring for my engagement which is in next month and i don’t have much time to spent to search and finalize one for me, so can you suggest me a shop where i can buy in Bangalore.

    • Hello Pratheksha,
      We’re glad that you considered our blog. Here is our suggestion, and we hope it helps.
      Jayanagar, Bangalore is a gold shopper’s stop! You’ll find all the famous gold showrooms within 2 km radius, and we are sure you’ll return home with a ring of your choice. Good luck! 🙂

    • Hello shiksha, Firstly, you both have a smart choice. Solitaires are classic, nothing can replace them. So for solitaire rings, we would suggest you to go for ‘world of solitaire’. ‘World of solitaire’ is a Gitanjali brand. It has a beautiful and wide range of solitaire rings, even with 18 carat white gold. Gili is another group of Gitanjali, it also has a good solitaire ring collection, give it a try.
      If you are from south India we would say Bhima jewellers are the best for platinum bands. Bhima jewellers just inaugurated their platinum brand and they are doing a great job. If you aren’t from the southern region of India, then go for DITI. DITI excels in its platinum collection. DITI’s ‘love bands’ are stunning, we’re sure you’ll find a band of your choice there.
      Hope this will help! Good luck! 🙂

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