Search for your wedding outfit: One step at a time




Research Online:

Brides today have a very powerful tool, the internet. Everything they need to know about colours, fabrics, shops, prices is easily available online. Applications like Pinterest are very handy and easy to use. It’s my personal favourite place to binge on when it comes to clothing!

Choose a pattern and colour:

After you have done some basic research, pick a pattern and a colour for yourself. There are brides who want lehengas with very delicate work and light colours and there are brides who want lehengas with grand stone work and bright colours. This step helps you narrow down your choices.


Details are important:

The more detailed idea you have about your wedding outfit the better.

Size does matter:

Make sure the chosen pattern, design, fabric and colour goes hand in hand with your body type.

Check out this link for more help!


Too many cooks spoil the broth:

Stop taking advice and opinions from everyone. Every person will have a different say which will only add on to the confusion and mess in the selection process. Its your wedding outfit, you should be the boss of it!


Fix your budget:

Lehengas start from Rs 10,000 and get super expensive along the way. So its better you make an estimate of how much your bridal outfit can cost. This will save your time and also the salesman’s.

Shoes and Accessories:

No matter how perfect outfit you choose for your wedding, it is incomplete if you do not match it with the perfect shoes and jewellery. Pick your accessories smartly.

Good Luck!