DIY: Wedding Hairstyles

The most important part of the bridal look on any event of the wedding is the hairstyle. No one would ever want to have a bad hair day when they are going to have all eyes on them. Most of the time it so happens that, what we ask the hair stylist to do is not exactly what we get. That’s pretty manageable on any other day, but it is obviously unacceptable when you are the showstopper. So here we are with some new and simple ideas to approach your hair with. We have used a lot of flowers in the ideas because flowers give a grand look to these simple hairdos and also because Indian brides look incomplete without flowers. And, those who think floral hairstyles are old school (pffft, no way!) , get over that perception. A lot of celebrities love grooming themselves with flowers because they are very much in trend.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Bobby pins
  2. Strings of jasmine flowers (Lot of artificial jasmine flower strings are also available in markets specially designed for hairstyles like these. But real jasmine flowers have their own fragrance and charm!)
  3. Hair spray

Ethnic bun to the rescue!

When your bridezilla symptoms start showing up, when you think you look like the worst bride in the world and when you think your hairstylist did a horrible job with your hair, do not worry fellas! Ethnic flower bun will always come to the rescue. It definitely is the most ethnic and elegant hairstyle for Indian brides. And talking about the complexity of this hairdo? Haha, it’s so simple, you could Do It Yourself. 😉


WikiHow shows the simplest and fastest ways of putting up a bun. (It is mandatory to use a hairspray after you finish doing your bun, since it helps keep hair in place)

After you are done with your bun, take a string of jasmine flowers, circle it around your bun. As shown below. (Circle it just once, cut off the remaining string) Your Ethnic bun is done! Tada!

This Ethnic hair bun is surely going to save your day! You’re welcome! 😀

Braids with flowers:

Styling braids with flowers is the trademark of south Indian brides. This is another easy hairstyle for girls with long hair. Those who don’t, can also get this by using hair extensions.

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